What is the mission of this event?

To create and grow relationships between Pastors, Laity/Church Leaders, Congregations, Bishops, District Superintendents, and Conference Staff connected by cross-racial/cross-cultural appointments for the purpose of preparing and resourcing clergy to effectively and authoritatively lead in their new/continuing CR/CC ministry setting.     
Who should come to this event?

Pastors with brand new CR/CC appointments, pastors with continuing CR/CC appointments, SPRC Chairs, and Lay Leaders of CR/CC churches, Bishops, District Superintendents, Conference Staff – any and everyone who will be impacted by the new/continuing CR/CC appointment.

Sponsored by The North Texas Conference Center for Leadership Development, The Center for Church Development, and Cowley Coaching.

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Sponsored by:
The North Texas Conference Center for Leadership Development,

The Center for Church Development, and

Cowley Coaching


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Dear Potential 2021 Virtual


Ministry Training Camp Attendees,  
        I pray you are well.
        I'm inviting you to attend this very important virtual conference. I believe as the church continues to shift, we will see more opportunities for cross-racial/cross-cultural ministry. I am dedicated to equipping clergy and lay leaders for this vital ministry.
        The conference is not only about strategically investing in leaders in cross-racial/cross-cultural ministry, it is about making a difference in the community. I am proud to announce our 2021 community partner, the Dallas Bethlehem Center, to whom we will be tithing 10% of all of this year's registration fees. The Dallas Bethlehem Center (DBC), is a ministry affiliated with the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. You can see details about DBC below. Please visit the DBC website at:
From the DBC website:
     What is the Dallas Bethlehem Center?
     The Dallas Bethlehem Center is a community impact organization that has a history and commitment of serving Dallas since 1946.
     DBC hosts community wide events throughout the year while partnering with program providers to deliver high-impact offerings in key areas including cradle to career education and community connection. It is very choiceful about the programming it brings to the community and is focused on being a multi-faceted education pipeline as a means to help address generational poverty in South Dallas/Fair Park.
     Its current location is near the symbolic intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X streets. It is a space where all generations within the community can spend time, connect amongst themselves, and learn about resources.
     Older generations have many meaningful memories of DBC and now enjoy seeing their children volunteer, engage, and continue their philanthropy with the organization.